Mediation is the process by which a facilitator assists two or more parties in coming to resolution when they might otherwise fight or even go to court for answers. Rather than relying on the justice system or being adversarial to come up with a solution possibly neither party likes, a Mediator can help the parties themselves take control and come to an agreement via compromise and consensus. Mediation works well for divorcing couples, family arguments, custody agreements, and parenting contracts.

Take control.

I earned my mediation certificate while in Law School at Berkeley in 2005. It was my first clue about my interest and passion for working directly with clients and ultimately lead me to get my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.

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I offer mediation, active collaborative coaching, and therapeutic counseling for families of all kinds, alternative couple formations (both professional and personal), children and teens, and individual adults. 

I serve people in my San Francisco Bay Area offices (one in the south bay and one in the north bay) and online via telehealth. Please contact me for a free initial phone consultation.

Please note that email is the quickest way to reach me.

Mailing Address: 1440 Military West, Ste. 103, Benicia CA 94510

Office Locations: Benicia CA and Santa Cruz, CA


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